Dhillon Col Mountain Rose 2021

Heathcote, Victoria



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"A reflective and insightful thinker, Michael embodies a deep and intimate connection with his land, his history and his community. From vineyards planted by his family high in the Macedon Ranges in 1988, he tends to pinot noir and chardonnay, with shiraz and grenache sourced from Heathcote.2021 Halliday Wine Companion Winemaker of the Year. 

We're on the cusp of heading out to enjoy our cities, some good weather and great company... it calls for some rose. It seems we (Australia and the world) is swimming in a pool of Provence versions, which can be delicious, though I'm not sure it's even a big enough area to produce the amount of wine it does. For our first rose of the season, we are sticking with homegrown, from one of our favourite people in the wine industry and whose skills in the vineyard and cellar cannot be understated. It is Michael Dhillon from Bindi Wines in Macedon, recently crowned Australia's winemaker of the year from Halliday's Wine Companion. Other than being a good and happy Demons supporter, Michael is a thoughtful farmer and careful but crafty winemaker that makes elegant, soulful, delicious and contemplative wines. The rose is his latest hand.  

Michael is most well known for the Bindi vineyard and label near Gisborne in the Macedon Rangees, where he is the second generation and current custodian. It is an impressive and progressive vineyard, a standard bearer of well planted and well managed vineyards. The vineyard is famous for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines, but Michael plays around with some Shiraz and Grenache from the Heathcote region, about 45 minutes further north.

This rose wine is from the Col Mountain area of Heathcote and produced from grenache. Many pinot noir produces will produce their rose from that very varietal, producing light and berry fruited wines. Michael has looked to grenache grown in a warmer and drier climate, more akin to the vineyards in the south of France. Grenache for mine is undoubtedly the staple variety for Australia's best rose wines. 

This is from the recent 2021 vintage, a welcome reprieve following the difficult 2020 vintage and delivering weather "equal of any wonderful weather experienced over (the) preceding 30 vintages". The wine is gently crushed, with the juice pressed off to used French oak barrels for ferment and ageing on lees for 6 months. This is artisanal rose from an expert in crafting fine chardonnay, quality and care you don't see in industrial versions but for only a few dollars more. It has delicate floral and light red fruit aromas, a glossy, palate coating texture, ultimately well balanced and refreshing. It's made in scarce quantities and we're grateful to source directly from the winery. 

This is a great local rose for those wanting to dial up the seriousness of the aperitif style, whilst enjoying the fruits of a star local vigneron. We hope you enjoy it. 


Tom and Dan







    Col Mountain






    Old French barrels


    Stony red Cambrian & shattered rock



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