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Who is Press Wines?

PressWines is a member only wine service that offers wines from small, honest and classic international wineries.

PressWines has been put together by old friends and wine collecting mates Tom Donegan and Dan Colman. Tom is a Melbourne based wine professional that has spent years importing Australia’s best independent wineries to the US market, working with the country’s top Michelin restaurants and some of the most exciting and progressive online wine businesses. 

Dan is a passionate wine traveler and collector with a background in business. His passion for finding the worlds best wines has taken him to Australia's most pedigree wine regions, and to the home of his favourite bottles, Barolo in Italy and Chateauneuf du Pape in the South of France. 


Why we’re here...

The most interesting and drinkable wines are made in smaller quantities. They are from a place, a vineyard or region you can visit, and whose uniqueness you need to understand to fully appreciate and enjoy the drinking experience. This is the wines thumbprint, or as the French would say, 'terroir'.

We can't guarantee you will like everything we offer, though we can assure you everything we offer is in our cellar or on our dinner table because they are wines we love and enjoy, grown and made by great people.


Our offering...

It’s pretty simple (we think).  

Each week we send you an email with an offer of one wine which we believe is best in its class and should be considered by any true wine lover. 


The fine print...

  1. Volumes of wines offered will generally be limited. If we can get an allocation of a few cases of something rare that we think our members will love, then that’s what we’ll offer. 

  2. All wines offered need to be purchased in 6 bottle packs. Occasionally for some higher priced wines, 3 bottle purchases will be made available. If the wine is pushing your price bracket for a 6 bottle purchase, we recommend sharing with a friend or colleague, as all our orders and deliveries need to be in quantities of 6. 

  3. Membership is free, though numbers are limited to make sure we are able to deliver a valuable service to an engaged group. 

  4. To make it fair on those in waiting, membership is maintained if you are a regular buyer.
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